About us


We are Caroline and Fred Chautems, a couple partnering in tempeh manufacturing, promotion and abundant consumption.

We believe that tempeh, when made right, can help many of us transition towards a vegan diet, critical to ensuring our communities’ future and preserving ecosystems. With this conviction—and to increase our vegan dining-out options in Lausanne, where we live—we have founded our company in 2015.

We make our tempeh in Champvent, a village in Vaud where Caroline’s grandparents used to own a farm. Among other privileges, we benefit there from exceptional water springing from the Jura Mountains.

Our ambition is to propagate tempeh consumption everywhere in Switzerland, thereby increasing plant-based diets in our country.

The Team
© Clément Grandjean / Terre&Nature


RTS Premier Rendez-vous, Caroline Chautems et Judith Baumann se rencontrent pour la première fois

Premier Rendez-Vous, RTS, September 2021

A conversation between famous chef Judith Baumann and our co-founder Caroline.
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On En Parle, RTS, May 2021

We opened the door of our production lab and heated up our grill to welcome Pauline Seiterle and her mic.

Pique-Assiette, RTS, may 2021

Annick Jeanmairet came to visit us in our production laboratory in Champvent to find out more about tempeh.

Weact.chat, march 2021

Giacomo Tabacco's article focused on our company's environmental impact.
agefi – 2019

L’Agefi, July 2019

Sophie Marenne presented 3 Swiss companies offering vegan meat alternatives: planted, Swissoja, and Le Bon Tempeh.
Terre&Nature – 2019

Terre et Nature, May 2019

Our meeting with Clément Grandjean in Champvent, and his adoption of grilled tempeh.
La Liberte – 2019

La Liberté, April 2019

Tempted by Cléa’s book Miso, tempeh et tofu fermenté, Aude-May Lepasteur describes her first experiences with tempeh.
Une Seul Planète – 2019

RTS Une Seule Planète, January 2019

Striving to reduce their environmental footprint with the help of a coach (Nicolas Dépraz), members of the Duperrex family adopt Le Bon Tempeh during a cooking workshop led by Régis Matthey and serve it at their family gathering.