Cooking our tempeh

Tempeh is so versatile it adapts to all cooking styles. We advise reading our basic directions below, before choosing a recipe among our favorites (scroll to bottom).
Would you rather let professionals introduce you to tempeh, check the restaurants serving our tempeh here.

Our tempeh must always be cooked prior consumption.



Thaw for half a day in the refrigerator (5-10°C).
Our tempeh is not pasteurized and should be cooked within 24 hours after thawing, otherwise the culture will start to evolve, leading to stronger tasting notes.
You can also thaw our tempeh by steaming (7 minutes). Briefly steamed or cooked tempeh will actually absorb a marinade even faster.
Before cooking, remove the plastic packaging under the paper wrap. You can easily tear the “seams” on the long sides.
Once cooked, our tempeh can be refrigerated (5°C) in a closed container for up to 4 days.



Dicing, slicing, mincing… get creative!
We generally advise cutting into small dices and thin slices (i.e. one dimension smaller than 1cm), which marinade quickly and toast easily.



Our mycelium-rich tempeh has a high potential to absorb marinades. However, since raw mycelium is somewhat hydrophobic, briefly cooking our tempeh beforehand greatly accelerates the marinating step. We advise steam-thawing or toasting thawed tempeh for 3 minutes in a pan.
Marinating is not mandatory. Some prefer our tempeh plain and simply pan-fried with some oil and salt. You can also simmer it, add seasoning during cooking in the oven or directly in the pan, or simply drizzle it with a sauce after cooking.


Sautéing or searing

Sauté slices or dices for 3 minutes on each side, in a pan with some oil. If it was not previously marinated, add for example a tablespoon of soy sauce before serving.



Roast in sauce and flip tempeh midway until it gains a satisfactory golden color. Serve before the sauce evaporates completely.



Simmering in a flavorful stew can result in pure bliss! We love tempeh dices in a curry, or minced tempeh in a chili.



We advise cooking in two steps. First, toast lightly oiled tempeh slices, on the gril or in a pan, and dip them in barbecue sauce (with soy sauce, vinegar, smoked paprika, some oil, some water and a little bit of maple syrup) for ten minutes or more. Finally, grill on medium heat for three minutes on each side.


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